Thursday, 7 February 2013

Beautiful and Natural: The Importance of Breastfeeding

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All parents want their children to be the healthiest, smartest children they could possibly be! No parent wants to worry about having a sick baby, one that is too fat or too thin, one that will do poorly in school, or grow up with many health problems. Your child can be healthier, smarter and happier if you breast feed! Here is why.

Breast milk is the most complete nutritional source for the baby that can rarely be replaced by any other food. Do you think that formulas are able to substitute breast milk for a few nutritional components of breast milk? Human milk is easier to digest than formula for the baby. Breast milk has the perfect amount of what your baby needs with the perfect temperature, vitamins, and minerals. Babies are very prone to disease, mostly because their bodies are not fully developed. Simply, breastfeeding is beautiful and natural. 

Studies have demonstrated that breast feeding has a lot of benefits. Here are some:

  • As breast-milk has anti-infective properties, babies hardly have incidence of ear infections, respiratory illness, allergies, diarrhea, and vomiting.
  • Babies never suffer from constipation, because breast-milk is more easily digested than formula.
  • The babies stool is mild-smelling.
  • Breast-milk contains antibodies that help the baby prevent diseases.
  • The first patch of breast-milkcalled Colostrumgives the baby early protection and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria by coating the baby’s digestive system.
  • SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is less common in breast-fed babies.
  • Adult daughters who were breast-fed have less risk of breast cancer.
  • Breast-feeding increases the bond between mother and baby
  • Breastfeeding saves money that would have been spent to treat diseases due to contaminated water and formulas in some parts of the world.
Interestingly, studies have shown that babies who are breastfed are less likely to consume too many calories and too much protein than babies who are fed infant formula. This means that they are less likely to become overweight as they grow up.

There are theories stating that mothers who breastfeed have an advantage of lower levels of some cancer-related hormones in their bodies, lowering the risk of breast cancer. Breastfeeding helps the body get rid of any cells in the breast that may have DNA damage so that mothers decrease their risk of breast cancer. Additionally, breastfeeding reduces the mother’s risk of postpartum hemorrhage.
Also, by the end of the breastfeeding period, the body gets rid of many cells in the breast, some of which may have DNA damage. This reduces the risk of developing breast cancer in the future.

Finally, breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural lifestyle that you and your baby deserve.


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