Saturday, 11 May 2013

Mother's Day: An Unconventional Gift

So, it's Mother's Day, second Sunday of May, around here, eh? Every year, most of us pass through that tough decision: What to gift your mother, or that special mother-figure in your life? What are the best ideas you have come up with or heard about so far? This post is only about that. We would love to hear what is your suggestion of a creative or unconventional gift for Mommy. (We have a suggestion below).

You said what? You say what's ours? Well, to start the reply reel, we'd say the best gift this year is to let your mother know about breast health ;)... Seriously. Maybe besides another gift as well. But, really, why not this year let your mother--if she is not so already--be more aware of what breast exams or tests she ought to have been regularly performing or getting done according to her age category and background...

There is a ton of resources on this on the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) and here too on MBH's resources. If your mother does not speak English and is an Edmonton resident, there are more reasons why this gift is the perfect one--as a second gift ;)--for you to consider giving. MBH's resources and services are absolutely free and we welcome all women to drop in one of our educational sessions. Please do consider recommending MBH to special women in your life as you might save one mother's life.

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What is the most unconventional, creative Mommy gift you've come up with or heard about?

Hey... I might even choose a winner from among those who subscribed and commented; who knows ;).....

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