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Run for the Cure 2013! CBCF

This year's Run for the Cure is on October 6th! The Run for the Cure consists of a 5 km path either by running or walking. It raises funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and it's considered the "largest single-day, volunteer-led event in Canada in support of the breast cancer cause." Register today on CBCF's website here. You'll also choose a location. It's really fun to run for a purpose!

You have three flexible options: (1) Join a team--"if you want to join a 2013 team that has already been created by a team captain, select this option to register as a team member"; (2) Individuals--"select this option to register as an individual. You can always start or join a team later"; or (3) Team captains--"if you want to be a team captain, select this option to create your team and register at the same time" (1).

Here is a story of one of the survivors who take this run--Sandra:

"I was diagnosed in 2006 with breast cancer and I am still fighting it five years later. It has been a long journey but I will never give up hope for a cure.  We have been taking part in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure for four years now. My family and friends have shown love and support for me every step of the way. I couldn’t have done it without them. On Oct. 2, 2011 I ask everyone to come out and walk or run for the cure" (2).
Another inspiring story-Barb:

"Our family has a history of breast cancer. My mom, her sister and her brother’s daughter (now a 33-year survivor) had mastectomies in the 1970s. I had my first lump (a cyst) when I was 34 years old. I had fibrocystic breast disease. I was diligent with self-examination and annual mammograms. I started having breast screenings, as I was advised. After my screening in 2007, I was sent for a mammogram — everything seemed to be OK.
On July 17, 2008, I felt a painful egg-sized lump in my breast. I went to my family doctor and he referred me for an ultrasound. Although it showed nothing, he referred me for a mammogram, which also showed nothing (I have a pathology report stating “not shown on mammogram”). My doctor then said to me, “Let’s get off this roller coaster,” and referred me to a surgeon. I had a biopsy on Oct. 12 and returned to the surgeon for the results on Oct. 30. My husband, Stan, and I were stunned when I was told, “You have breast cancer.” We had other scares, needle biopsies, etc. But each time, I was OK. My surgeon told us the five-centimeter tumour had been there for a long time. I was part of the 25 per cent wherein breast cancer is not detected by mammogram" (2). 

These are only a few stories. Several participants join the run without even having gone through breast cancer. They do it because they want to help others. Once you leave this world, all what matters is what you have done for others, not yourself. 

It is amazing how strong those women are. Their families are also an endless source of support and inspiration. 

But you know what, don't wait until you are personally touched by the big C. Why not participate and be interactive before rather than after? Try to do something this year for supporting breast cancer research, fundraising and treatments. 

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