Monday, 6 January 2014

Fruits and Vegetables: Healthy or Sugary?

Some people miss out on the benefits of fruit and vegetable because they hear that some of them have sugars and fat. While this is true, it does not mean we should stop eating them. Sugar and fat content is not always bad for health. It all depends on the right types and right sources. read to know more about this important dietary issue.

Following is a post we shared from Health News (we highlighted some of the key sentences):

"Because we are not educated nutritionists, we tend to take bits and pieces of information that we gather throughout our everyday life and apply them to our own dietary plans. But by being unaware of certain facts, and consequences we often times wind up causing our body more harm than good.  Following diets that prevent us from eating certain foods and focusing on consuming other foods is not recommended for a couple of reasons

Depriving your body of certain foods from the essential food groups is not healthy, it is a short term way to achieve a desired effect.  Any weight loss gained in this way is only short term, because your body cannot continue to live without them.  They are essential food groups because they are essential to our body’s performance.  Whether it be heart health, or our ability to digest and use nutrients or whether or not our body must store those nutrients in the form of fat.
Diets that trick your body to burn fat cells, or that cause your body to alter its normal state of operation are, by definition, not diets that will last.  Sure being conscious of the foods we consume is important, but not to a fault.  Remember, any weight loss or workout routine is incomplete if we do not provide our body everything that it needs to function correctly.  Because people seldom follow every diet to the letter, or even worse try to take the information and create a dietary plan of our own, our society as a whole is suffering. 
Blaming fruits and vegetables is silly.  Blame lack of exercise, blame eating fast foods or other foods heavy in grease and fat, but not fruits and vegetables.  The key to a healthy diet is eating the proper amounts of all types of foods and combining them with a balanced and regular exercise routine.  Saying that you are eating too much fruits and that is the reason for your weight gain is nothing more than an excuse.  Examining these same peoples eating habits would yield far more concerning consumption, or lack there of.
Check the nutrients in the foods that you eat regularly, but understand some fats and cholesterols are good for you, and eliminating the sugars you get from fruits only to replace them with sugars found in sweets and alcohol is not healthy.  Eating and living healthy takes a bit of education, but it takes more common sense and discipline than anything else. Do not fall for the hype, eat fruits and vegetables in combination with your regular diets and your body will be happy that you did."

Health News:

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