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Winter Activities in Edmonton: Part 2

In many countries winter is associated with the coziness of homes with a cup of hot chocolate in front of TV or with family. In Edmonton, there is so much to do outdoors, especially when temperatures are below zero. This list of activities with schedules is so fun that you will forget it is winter after all. Try what you like with your family and get used to the new winter attitude here :)

Here is the second part of Winter Activities in Edmonton; again, please notice the different times/dates these are offered and the links for more details or booking if applicable: (Part 1 is here)

1- Skating Outdoors: "Discover the adrenaline rush of ice skating outside, at one of Edmonton’s renowned outdoor rinks, surrounded by gorgeous snow-covered winter scenery. Glide peacefully along Hawrelak Park’s five-hectare lake while mellow music flows from rink-side speakers. 

Skate the frozen pond at Churchill Square, surrounded by the cultural icons of City Hall, Citadel Theatre and the Art Gallery of Alberta. During the Christmas season, grasp the mittened hand of someone you love while skating the pond on the Alberta legislature grounds, surrounded by trees adorned with sparkling lights. 

Bring a thermos of hot chocolate and spend an afternoon with family, who laugh along with you as you attempt a figure eight." 

Phone: 1-780-442-5311
Start dates: 26/11/2013
End date: 1/4/2014 
Details on locations are found here

2- Watchable Wildlife Tours: "Journey off the beaten track and experience some of Canada’s greatest marvels with your personal guide at Watchable Wildlife Tours. Just 45 minutes from downtown Edmonton, take a day trip to the Blackfoot Forest Reserve and observe wildlife in their natural winter habitat, including deer, moose, elk, bison and beaver. 

Spot up to 250 species of migratory birds. Hike through Elk Island National Park and catch sight of bald eagles, great horned owls and osprey, as well as the Trumpeter Swan, an endangered species. Be humbled by the presence of the 2nd highest population density of African Serengeti in the world."

Phone: 1-780-405-4880
Book in advance here

3- Ice on Whyte Festival: "Edmonton’s Ice on Whyte Festival celebrates Canadian winters by hosting an International Ice Carving Competition featuring artists from around the world. For the last 10 years, three semi loads of ice have been unloaded in Old Strathcona for this exciting, creative competition. 

Enjoy stunning sculptures, live music, skating, delicious food, hot beverages, a giant ice slide and an interactive children’s play area where they can learn to carve like the pros. 

The pinnacle event is the fire and ice show of the melting of an amazing ice carving on the last night. Attendees of Ice On Whyte are also eligible to get 15% off hotel stays at both the Varscona and Metterra hotel on Whyte Ave! For more information on this great deal click here."

Phone: 1-780-758-5878
Address:End of Steel Park located at Gateway Blvd (103 Street) and Tommy Banks Way, Edmonton, Alberta
Start date:24/1/2014
End date: 2/2/2014
Details on tickets and event here.  

4- Elk Island National Park: "Under the big prairie sky, Elk Island National Park epitomizes the rugged Alberta wilderness in a winter oasis teeming with wildlife. Winter is one of the best times to spot bison foraging for food. Arrive early, when frost settles over the frozen lake. As you drive along the parkway where you might spot sleeping bison, moose, deer and elk nestled in the snow. 

Wood bison are the largest native terrestrial mammals in North America. Get off to an early start and enjoy a morning ski over 60 km of ski trails as you breathe in the aspen parkland, a dramatic landscape of forest, hills, meadows, lakes, and wetlands. Go cross-country skiing at Tawayik Lake (16.5 km), Hayburger (10 km), Shirley Lake (10.5 km), and explore Moss Lake Trails (13 km). 

Make sure you bring your camera on a refreshing snowshoe around the Beaver Pond or Amiske Wusche Trails. Afterward, unpack a thermos of hot chocolate and picnic lunch and unwind by the fire at the Tawayik Lake warming shelter."

Phone: 1-780-922-5790
More information on Elk Island here.  

5- Servus Free Ski Fridays: "Join us the first Friday of every month at the Edmonton Ski Club from 5 pm – 9 pm for free skiing, sponsored by Servus Credit Union. Rentals and lessons $10 each."

Phone: 1-780-465-0852
Address: Edmonton Ski Club 9613 96 Ave Edmonton, AB
Start date: 6/12/2013
End date: 4/4/2014
More details here.  

6- Snowshoeing: "Strap on a pair of snowshoes and you’re off on an exhilarating day trip through Edmonton’s River Valle ... with 7,400 hectares of parkland and 150 kilometres of interconnected trails... Pass through conifer forests, each branch delicately laden with snow. Want more of an adventure? 

Don a pair of cross-country skis and find yourself grinning non-stop as you glide through this incredible winter wonderland, with the buildings of downtown Edmonton standing out on the horizon. 

Realize you are experiencing a privileged opportunity to view nature in its starkness and beauty, in a protected area where the local biodiversity is cherished and respected."

Phone: 1-780-442-5311
Start date: 18/11/2013
End date: 30/4/2014
More information on locations click here.

7- Shinny: "The seconds tick down. All that’s left between you and the goalie is a few feet of precious ice. With the puck on your stick, you deke left, you deke right, and you shoot! Clang! You fire the puck past the helpless goalie in off the crossbar. Edmonton is full of hockey rinks where you can lace ‘em up and work on your clapper during a game of shinny!"

Phone: 1-780-442-5311
Schedules vary upon rink times and outdoor lighting.
For more details click here


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