Sunday, 16 February 2014

Breast Friends Dragon Boat Racing Team - Edmonton

"Breast Friends Society sponsors the Breast Friends Dragon Boat Racing Team of Edmonton. They are women from Edmonton and surrounding communities. They have all had a diagnosis of breast cancer and they train to race in dragon boat competitions." Read more about their mission. 

Here is more on this amazing society in their own words:

Team of 2013

Breast Friends are from every walk of life, and have varied fitness levels. Each member is a powerful example that women can lead full and vigorous lives after surgery and treatment for breast cancer. 

Breast Friends' Mission Statement:
While participating in the sport of dragon boating, we will endeavour:

  • To encourage women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to lead full and active lives
  • To demonstrate the benefits of an active lifestyle through the sport of dragon boating
  • To raise awareness about breast cancer and encourage the pursuit of a cure
  • To provide support and fellowship to team members
  • To have fun!  

Why we paddle: 
  • 'To live life to its fullest'
  • 'To get a unique view of Edmonton from the river'
  • 'Because it's a great stress-buster'
  • 'To prove that life after cancer can be healthier than ever!'
  • 'Because these ladies understand exactly what I've been through'

Breast friends members are happy to come and speak about our team, our experiences with breast cancer and the international breast cancer survivor dragon boat movement. We have put together a moving power point presentation. To arrange for a speaker, please contact" 

Such a beautiful message; we hope you will support and spread the word about Breast Friends Dragon Boat Racing Team in your circles. 

Breast Friends Dragon Boat Racing Team:


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