Sunday, 12 January 2014

Staircase Exercise at Home

Some might not know that we can achieve gym like results at home with no equipment. Climbing the stairs is one such exercise that provides you with your needed cardio workout, especially for your lower body and also to firm your legs and buttocks. You can use it as change from the gym routine too. Read the details as it has more than climbing.

We have here an exercise to work on these areas:

- Provide a short fat burning cardio workout,
- Firm the legs and buttocks,

Try not to stop in the middle of the exercise to keep the heart at the required rate. Here are the steps:

1-  "To begin with climb and descend the stair case 5 times.  This should be done fast enough so that you can start to feel your heart rate increase.  While you do not need to run the stairs, keep up a good pace and think of it as an essential heart warm up needed to optimize weight loss. 

2- Begin at the bottom step and place your toes firmly on the step with your heels hanging off.  Simply raise your heels up as high as they go and return them to the original flat position.  This is called a ‘toe up’.  You want to repeat this motion 5 times on EVERY STEP, all of the way to the top. 

3- Without stopping, descend the stairs and begin climbing and descending another 5 times, again keeping up your pace, without taking a break.  While you may begin to feel weary, keep going it will pay off. 

4- Now, begin at the bottom step again, placing your feet firmly on the step.  Lower buttocks down to just above your ankles as if you are squatting down.  Then raise your buttocks and straighten your legs, making sure to flex your legs and buttocks as you rise.  Repeat this motion 5 times on EVERY STEP all of the way to the top.   Make sure you complete the motion all the way down and all the way back up each time.  This will firm your legs and buttocks.

5- One last time climb and descend the stairs 5 times keeping up your pace to ensure a decent cardio workout.  Again not running, but a quick climbing pace. 

Most of the people who do this will feel very sore the first time that they do it, but the pain will diminish each time you repeat the exercise.  If you feel that 5 repetitions is too few for you and you need more, simply increase the number each time, although we recommend you complete the exercise as directed before making any decision to increase reps."
It is recommended you repeat this exercise three times a week. This will help lengthen and firm the lower part of your body. This exercise also only uses your body weight and gravity.   
Always remember to consult with your health care provider if you have any medical condition that might necessitate refraining from certain physical activities.  

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